NEW! At-home Facial

Bring the spa home to you, with this step-by-step guide and video, to glowing skin!

What’s included:

- Step-by-step protocol for a complete facial

- Video demonstrating each step

- 10% off recommended products

What you’ll need:

- Cleanser

- Exfoliating mask, facial scrub or exfoliating brush

- Facial Oil (can substitute with grapeseed oil or coconut oil)

- Mask of choice

- Serum

- Moisturizer

- Small towel (to remove oil)

- Large towel (to Pat skin dry)

Don’t have what you need?

Click on the Scheduling tab, to schedule a virtual consultation and we’ll get you set up with a skincare routine that’s just right for you.

Can’t wait to see you glow up!